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Annual Testing Report:
How the World Tests 2016

Zephyr provides key insights that will help bolster your testing expertise!

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About this Report

Zephyr conducts an annual survey of its 18,000+ customers in 100 countries to determine where the testing industry is headed, as well as, better understand the latest trends in all things testing. The resulting data and the Analysis behind it is shared with participants and becomes a benchmark report with which testing teams and departments can measure themselves against.

Everybody dislikes filling out long and boring surveys that eventually tell you things you already knew, or present you with reams of data that require a sabermetrics-like degree to make some sense of. We do, too. So we took it upon ourselves to design a short and relevant survey and then analyzed the data to unearth useful intelligence. We are now presenting this in an easy-to-read and digest format. The kind of information presented along with quantified data allows you to take action, plan your future testing initiatives, engage your upper management in quality strategy and upgrade your team’s testing knowledge base.

In short, we provide you with key insights that will help bolster your testing expertise!

Key Takeaways

  1. Challenges with Agile

    Read where testing teams are struggling Agile and what they need to perfect their processes.

  2. Tool Adoption

    Learn where other organizations are investing their resources in regards to test automation.

  3. Predictions for 2017

    See where we predict the market will shift its focus in 2017 based on the past year's challenges.